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Working together in a workshop is among the best I know! To see others grow, discuss, lift each other and pass on knowledge. I just love it! 


My method for workshops is about the participants being as active and included as possible. Shorter theory blocks that provide tools and insight interspersed with creative exercises both individually and in groups. Because everyone learns differently, I always strive to accommodate as many as possible in the group. With great flexibility and an open, relaxed attitude. 



Everyone loves a good story and everyone has a story worth telling. But where do you start and why can it increase your revenue? During this workshop, you will learn more about dramaturgy, language and tone. I also share examples that inspire. We work with the art of creating content and stories that stands out. Adapted to the customer's needs (focus on text, web, social media, video, image, etc.). 


Time: 4-8 hours (depending on how much time and coaching the participants want to work with their own cases)


What is really a good idea?

Is that even an idea? Sometimes creativity can really be at the bottom. This is a workshop that boosts creativity and kicks off the flow for new solutions, products, services, flowerbeds - what do I know! My goal is for the participants to go home inspired, uplifted and motivated to create some action. Ready to implement new great and ideas in a simple way!


Time: 4 hours


Team Building!

We all need to strengthen our teams on a regular basis. Do you have a specific issue that you want to discuss and work with in a more creative workshop format? Feel better together? Or do you just want to book a really wonderful performance-free full / half day for your staff?


Since I have a background as a trainer (PT, functional training, yoga, dance, running, etc.), it is also possible to create a proposal that also includes some form of movement!


Get in touch and share your thoughts with me and then we can create a schedule that suits your needs.


Time: 4-8 hours


Dream Workshop

The dream workshop was born in connection with my first Boostcamp event. What makes you feel good? What makes you happy? What changes can and dare you make to get one step closer to your dreams? We work with these questions in this Dream Workshop! 


During Boostcamp Retreat, we work with various reflection exercises and methods to strengthen self-esteem, feel better, bring life to dreams and dare more. We work there for a whole weekend, this is a more compressed version that fits well in smaller groups who want and long for something different and unique.


Time: 8-16 hours (depending on how much time and coaching the participants want. It is also possible to arrange a unique event just for your group that goes on for a couple of days)


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