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My story

When I received the message in the summer of 2009 that I got in at Luleå University of Technology to study radio journalism, my father and I went straight to Piteå. I had never been so far up north and to be able to say yes (or no) I needed to see the place. We drove up from Stockholm, scouted the student area, had lunch in town, went to Skellefteå and slept over and then we went back home.


Today, in 2020, it is over 10 years since I moved to Norrbotten and it really became a perfect match. I have always enjoyed it so much here, I feel good about the proximity to nature, the slightly calmer pace and the people here are something really special.


After my studies, I worked for several years at Swedish Radio P4 Norrbotten as a producer, presenter, newscaster and reporter. Then I got a job at a production company and shifted my focus to national productions. After many years of hard work with shorter contracts, I finally got a permanent job as a journalist. Just a few months later, I resigned and decided to start my own company.


Since the autumn of 2018, I run my own company and it is the best decision I have ever made. Today I work as a moderator, lead workshops, lecture and produce various types of media production. Podcasts, reports, content on social media and so on. I am also the chairman of the board of Passionista Sweden, an initiative to get more people to turn their passion into their own dream job. I also have a passion for exercise and health, I am a leader for group training at Inpuls Gym in Luleå and I am also an educated personal trainer.


In 2019, I was voted by the people to the People's Entrepreneur in Luleå. An incredible award that means so much to me.


My vision is to pass on. To pass on knowledge, inspiration, joy, reflection, compassion, consideration, empathy, commitment. My core values ​​are courage, commitment, innovation and equal value for all.


The courage to dare to do new things, to believe in myself and to run a company where the desire to develop and make a difference constantly takes me further.


The commitment is shown by the fact that I really care about my assignments, I am thorough and share my knowledge, experience and ideas.


The innovation inspires and gives us both energy, enthusiasm, creativity and really good results.


Everyone's equal value! For me this means that all people are equally worthy, regardless of background, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, abilities and skills.


These are my values ​​that lead me forward and create meaning in the assignments I work with. They are there regardless of whether it is about a spicy award ceremony, an exciting panel discussion, an educational workshop or content on social media.


Feel free to contact me if it sounds interesting and you want to work with me! My heart beats extra hard for Norrbotten, but of course I take assignments all over Sweden. Why not in the whole world?


Kind regards from a sunny Luleå in the north of Sweden,


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