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Media & journalistiska uppdrag

I love working with different types of media production! When I resigned from my permanent job as a journalist, it was not because I was bored at work. I wanted to invest in my own company and do everything I think is fun, where media production qualifies for a strong top position!


If you want help with your communication, storytelling, social media or are looking for a consultant who can write articles & chronicles, can make simpler video productions, record voice over and produce podcasts, feel free to contact me!


In the wake of covid-19, the demand for digital events has also increased, if you need technical help with producing professional live broadcasts, I can help you with that. I have my own equipment (sound, light & camera) and competence to handle the technology for digital meetings and conferences.


Pricing is set depending on the scope of the assignment.


I can do this

  • Content, layout and communication on social media.

  • Storytelling. 

  • Writing reportage and journalistic texts.

  • Copywriter, columnist, opinion leader, texts for websites and articles.

  • Voice over and speaker voice.

  • Reading audiobooks, articles, ads, etc.

  • Simpler video production, for example for social media. Can film, edit, record audio and deliver finished movies.

  • Producer, technician, host and podcast editor.

  • Producer and technician for digital meetings and conferences.

Let's Talk avsnitt 4.002.jpeg


A podcast about exciting people in the north with courage and drive beyond the ordinary.


Drivkraftspodden ("The driving force podcast" is my own podcast, an interview program where I travel in the north and meet people with courage and drive beyond the ordinary.


The listener gets to meet new role models, inspiring sports profiles, creative entrepreneurs and strong leaders in places all over Norrbotten.


The program is made continuously and is available on Spotify and iTunes .


My background

From Stockholm to the radio journalism education at Luleå University of Technology in Piteå. It has turned out that it was the right choice!


After my education, I got a job at the Swedish Public Radio station P4 Norrbotten. There I worked as a presenter, producer, newscaster and reporter, both locally and also for national P3 News for the youth. I also got the opportunity to make my first P1 documentary during that time! In 2020, it's 5 years since "Kalkugnsolyckan och Kärleken" was released, I remember thinking it was so cool!


Then I got a job at a production company and worked more with national production. Live entertainment, programs on mental illness and local educational programs for students in Norrbotten are some of the assignments I had the opportunity to work with.


I am so incredibly grateful for all the years as an employed journalist. There are an infinite number of stories to tell, especially here in northern Sweden where the media surveillance is not always so close.


For me, it's about meeting other people and listening to their stories, and then passing it on to others.

Previous assignments

During all my years as an employed journalist, there has been a lot of work. Here are some examples!


  • Chronicles at Tidningen Extra (ongoing assignment).

  • Host of the youtube series XOXO Luleå, by Vinter on behalf of Luleå Municipality.

  • Producer, technician and editor of the Arctic Conversation Podcast, international production in English on behalf of Barents Press Sweden.

  • P1 Documentary "Kalkugnsolyckan och kärleken".

  • Live producer for Clara Henry in P3, Swedish Radio.

  • Live producer Zia with Nessvold in P3, Swedish Radio.

  • P2 Documentary "The conductor who survived".

  • Producer Musikguiden in P3, Swedish Radio.

  • Producer and video editor for a UR production on mental illness.

  • Reporter P3 News, Swedish Radio.

  • P2 documentary "Berit Alette Mienna and the Forbidden Yoik".

  • Host & producer P4 Norrbotten.

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