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Moderator, conferences, presenter,

panel discussions & citizen dialogue

In November 2014, I did my first professional assignment as a conference. It was Norrbotten's Football Gala and I was equipped with everything from glitter pants to hockey uniform. Since then, a lot has happened (luckily ?!)!


By using my journalistic background as a presenter and producer, you can expect a professional and well-thought-out results. I am incredibly careful in my preparations with everything from research and script to implementation, it creates security between us and allows me to be flexible and present on stage.


I am driven by new thinking and would like to contribute as early as possible before an event. Sometimes it can be a small creative detail that makes a conference better, sometimes it can mean that you think completely new in the approach from start to finish. Everything to make the experience as good as possible for the participants. Time is incredibly expensive today and I want as many people as possible to feel that the time they spend on an event should be well invested.


Examples of assignments that you can hire me for are conferences, events, panel discussions, debates, author discussions, citizen dialogue, interviews, inaugurations and launches. I take assignments in Swedish and English. In the wake of covid-19, digital events have also become more common, so regardless of whether you are planning a meeting "IRL" or digital, you are welcome to contact me!

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